________________________________________________________________________________________________ENCAUSTIC COLLAGRAPH WORKSHOP - CCP:    September 9 to 11, 2022

This 3-day workshop is a thorough walk-through of the encaustic collagraph method. Participants will get the chance to break all the rules of encaustic; using significantly less wax, minimal fusing, layering with textiles and different line types; etched, drypoint and relief. Encaustic wax will be used to build the surface and Akua Intaglio inks to print monoprints. The plates created can be reused and printed, again and again, allowing the ability to work in limited editions, multiples, or series. Plates can be added to or scraped away at any point in the process making the options limitless.

September 9 - 11, 2022, 10AM - 4PM

Sunday - Tuesday, 3-day workshop

Class size 4-6, All Levels

Center for Contemporary Printmaking

Mathews Park, 299 West Avenue,  Norwalk, CT 06850

Phone  203.899.7999
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